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The Majestic Bus

This 1968 Bedford bus conversion is a truly remarkable work of art and design.

The view line is clear down the length of the bus, keeping it open and letting light flood the whole space, and yet there are still defined spaces created by the L shaped kitchen surface and sofa, a feature which has also created that much more surface area for the sofa and workspace.

They have made yet more useable space by using the space around the drivers wheel which would otherwise have been redundant, and yet still managed to keep the wheel in as a characterful feature which celebrates the Majestic Bus’ beginnings.

I don’t think there is anything not to like about this small space. It has a wonderful base - large, panoramic windows, a rich heritage - and a well-designed, loving restoration.

The Majestic Bus is available for rent -



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I ever wonder if people who get written out of soaps permanently (ie by death) regret their decision and want to go back on the programme

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Drove my mum to and from work and we both ended up alive and with the car in one piece. Good progress.